[ UPCOZE ]® is a technologically created beverage which happens to be in the spirits market place. It is invented by a Malaysian gentleman who has chosen to remain anonymous. Its flavour profile is rather similar to wine but exhibits other distinct local tastes that has sparked interest amongst cocktail lovers and wine enthusiasts. Till today, his secret recipe is closely guarded by himself and his sole business associate, Dato’ (Dr.) David Leo. Though David himself admits that he only knows the purported recipe rather than the actual one, he is happy to expand the reach of this iconic and delicious product to an international level with its growing demand.

[ UPCOZE ]® GOLD RESERVE is the world’s first Malaysian craft liquor inspired by Malaysia’s famous White Coffee and the rich history of Malacca. It is handcrafted by blending the aromas of three types of specially roasted coffee beans with the infusion of grapes, tropical fruits, gula melaka and homegrown honey. Gula Melaka, or better known in English as “Malacca Sugar” is an ancient sweetener used by locals long before Europeans introduced cane sugar to Southeast Asia. The historic city of Malacca has developed over 500 years of trading and cultural exchanges between East and West since the Portuguese, Dutch and British settlement. Through a fusion of unique and diverse flavours, this Malaysian craft liquor shows dark fruit characters and subtle honey notes with a distinct hint of white coffee finish.

Retail Price: RM 128.00 / USD 30.00

Product info: grapes, tropical fruits & gula melaka | 750ml | 16%i/i

Retail Price: RM 198.00 / USD 48.00

Product info: grapes, tropical fruits, trigona honey, gula melaka & white coffee | 750ml | 11.5%i/i

Retail Price: RM 59.90 / USD 15.00

Product Info: grapes, tropical fruits, honey, gula melaka & white coffee | 750ml | 11.5%i/i